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Steve Siebert

Senior Principal


Simeon Kirilov

Senior Architect


Pablo Solis

Project Architect


Chris Crawford

Senior Designer


Adam Miller

Senior Designer


Brian Thorn

Level II Designer


Julian Charry

Level II Designer

daniel DanielCarpio

Daniel Carpio

Level II Designer

Brian Kuni

Brian Kuni

Project Manager


Sarah Vallely

Financial Manager



We Listen. We seek to understand, before we attempt to be understood. Our Clients need us to capture the Vision they have, and our experience has helped us to know what questions to ask. We start every project with a dialog to help us get on your page, chapter, and verse before line-one goes to paper (or computer today). Following the developing of your ‘program’, we sketch.Our sketches help you to begin graphically visualizing your dream and function. Our Services Often includes: Development Approval (zoning) Concept Communication (renderings) and Construction Documents (blueprints).

As Architects we orchestrate the required TEAMS to complete your Design. Our relationships include: kitchen & manufacturing equipment designers/suppliers, Audio Visual & Lighting (AVL) consultants, Interior Designers, seating specialists/suppliers, fundraisers & lenders, Property Attorneys, and Engineering as may be required to complete your design.


Like all Architects we are Passionate about our Design, but here at Steve Siebert Architecture we are Passionate about you, our clients. It is our deepest complement to hear you say “this is us” “you captured our culture in the building” it is more important to us that YOUR VISION, YOUR CULTURE, YOUR PRIORITIES are heard and responded to in the end result. This encompasses Form, Function, and Affordability in one-package.


Our process is different for each; Commercial, Residential, Church & Nonprofit. While similar in that all begin with understanding, each differs with regard to the personal and individual nature of the client. Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, the numbers below are a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


The Residential Process is personal. This is your full-time or part-time home. Your first-place where you spend the largest part of every day. The focus is on your wants and needs in that order and our job is capture an image of what you have been dreaming of for months or years.


- Architectural
- Structural
- Mechanical
- Electrical
- Plumbing


The Commercial Process seeks to capture your business needs and function in a way that is progressive, creative, and focused on intentionality. The building must reflect your market, your current and future goals, and blend it all with the Location, and requirements of the Zoning & Building Codes.


Development Review (or Site-Plan-Approval) independent service includes: Schematic Design, and Consultation & Coordination for Civil Engineering & Landscape Design. (a lump-sum fee based on scope of work & municipality)
Construction Documents: A/S/M/E/P excludes Civil, Landscape & Irrigation. 


The Church and Nonprofit Process is outward even community focused. The needs and desires are best defined by “what does this community need, or what do they desire and need from us?” The process sometimes includes research to what kinds of space do people in this community naturally gather in already? In addition the process must reflect the on-purpose calling to build, here, and now. And meet in a different way the priorities of form, function, and budget.


Development Review (or Site Plan Approval), and Remodel Work, must be price on a case-by-case basis.
Construction Documents: A/S/M/E/P excludes AVL, Thematic, Civil, Landscape & Irrigation. Note: Church Architectural Services always include: Coordination & Consultation with the Full Team, Budgeting, Fundraising, Lending, Audio-Visual-Sound, Children’s-Thematic design, Seating, Stage-equipment, etc…

SSA Scholarship

Steve Siebert Architecture (SSA) provides a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) scholarship twice each year. We encourage full-time students in their 3rd through 6th years of college to send us a letter sharing why they made their choice of study. In addition, share your appreciation for good architecture, and/or how architecture impacts your chosen field of work, and send it to our Boynton Office by August 10th for the fall-semester and by January 10th for the winter-semester. One recipient shall be randomly selected by the 15th of the month and scholarships sent out at that time. SSA favors creativity and true-life stories in our selection.

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